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Start Your MLK Day off Right with MLK Coffeetime Trivia!

As we approach Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 15, 2024, there's a unique opportunity for us all to engage with the legacy of this American hero in a fun, casual, and enlightening way - the MLK Coffeetime Trivia!

A Morning to Remember

Imagine starting your day at 10 AM, still in your cozy pajamas, sipping your morning coffee, and diving into an exciting game of trivia that celebrates the life and contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This virtual event is not just another trivia game, it's a chance to honor the memory of a man who changed the course of history and to deepen our understanding of his work and values.

Not Just Trivia, It's Jeopardy Style!

Prepare for an engaging experience as we present our trivia in a Jeopardy-style format. This interactive approach will keep you on your toes and make learning about Dr. King's life and legacy even more enjoyable. Whether you're a history buff or just looking to learn something new, this event promises to be both entertaining and educational.

Connect and Win!

This event is not just about the trivia but also about fostering a sense of community. It's a chance to connect with others who are also passionate about honoring MLK's legacy, all while enjoying your morning coffee. Plus, there will be prizes! So, you can show off your knowledge and stand a chance to win some exciting rewards.

Celebrating an American Hero

Martin Luther King Jr. was an extraordinary figure whose impact continues to be felt today. By participating in MLK Coffeetime Trivia, you're not just having fun; you're also acknowledging the importance of remembering and understanding our history. As we remember Dr. King's tireless fight for equality and justice, let's also celebrate how far we've come and continue striving for the world he dreamed of.

So, mark your calendars for January 15, 2024, at 10 AM. Let's toast to a morning of fun, fellowship, learning, and celebration. The MLK Coffeetime Trivia is an event you won't want to miss! CLICK HERE TO BOOKMARK THE ZOOM LINK

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