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The grants offered by the Dolls House Foundation are designed to recognize financial need and foster a service of giving for those whom the grants are awarded. Read about the grants we offer and learn about how you can apply!


Doll recognizes that life often presents us with barriers. We also understand that there is a vulnerability that accompanies asking for help. Doll’s House Foundation is affording individuals the opportunity to be honest and vulnerable and establish a clear objective on how this support could make a life changing difference in the moment. If you are awarded a grant our only ask is that you pay it forward by volunteering your time and gratitude at two Doll’s House programs (activity/event or public service engagement). There is no age limit or specific criteria for who can apply for this grant. We encourage all those with financial need to submit an application.


The Swilling family created this scholarship to uphold the legacy of Jean Swilling. It is important that Jean’s light continue to shine and be a source of inspiration for generations to come. To know her story one could only be encouraged. Long story short,  Jean was a housekeeper turned millionaire. She was a self-taught real estate mogul. She never bragged, never boasted. Jean is a text book example that life can be challenging and even unfair but if you set intentions. Set goals.  Work hard, then work harder. Save your money. Seek advice from professionals. Invest. Take risks. Have patience. Have confidence and your aspirations can and will manifest. Graduating high school seniors and matriculated college students are eligible to apply for this award.


Timothy "Tim" A. Latham grant represents the principle of investing in youth and cultivating their growth. The result is a unique, gracious, noble adult that embraces change and excellence. Mr. Latham was raised in Bridgeport, CT and boasted about being reared in every corner of the “Port.” He made friends with all types of people in his travels and stated that everywhere he went, there was always an elder who reminded him to stay focused. Tim took a deeper look into cultivating and valuing the urban community. He understood that many young people learn critical thinking, self awareness and self advocacy from an early age in our urban community. He was motivated and had a self-driven quest for continuous learning. Tim embraced the following mantras: raise your standard, progress equals happiness, and hold tight to your values. Tim exuded these principles through his commitment to the Doll’s House Foundation. DHF considers individuals under the age of 26 as qualifying urban youth.​


Candidates must include a personal narrative in their application. The theme for 2024, our 12th Anniversary year is G.R.O.W- Generating Revenue and Organic Wealth by Eradicating Food Deserts.  Applicants must use their personal statement to discuss what this theme means to them and why.

Narrative formatting instructions:

  • File type: .pdf only (no Word, .rtf, or other formats will be accepted)

  • Font: standard 12-point (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri)

  • Page limit: 1 page

  • Spacing: double-spaced

  • Margins: 1" on top, bottom, and sides

  • Document header: should include the candidates name and narrative title

A completed application packet includes:

  • Applicant information

  • The statement of demonstrated financial need

  • The personal narrative essay

  • A high resolution portrait of the applicant (via email)

Award recipients will be notified by phone. All grants will be dispersed via check by August 30, 2024. Please note that if you are selected as an award recipient you will be expected to sign a release form allowing the Doll’s House Foundation to use your narrative and photograph in print publications and publicity materials. Additionally, award recipients must be present to at the annual Dolls House Foundation Banquet to receive their grant. Contact for any questions relating to the Doll’s House, Jean Swilling, and Tim Latham Grants.

 Applications will be open from April 1 to June 30, 2024.
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