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Doll's House Foundation (DHF), founded in July 2012, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization developed to promote the ideals of love through the standards of education, public service, spirituality and wellness, and charitable giving. DHF recognizes that community members often face unforeseen challenges that can temporarily hinder their growth. Our primary focus is to enhance our community's economic fabric by providing monetary awards and public donations to individuals and organizations with demonstrated need. By modeling a circle of giving, the Foundation seeks to generate a climate of charitable donation. DHF is inspired by the legacy of Josephine "Doll" Johnson, a community advocate who adopted the simple principle of helping those in need. We embody the ideals of perseverance, empowerment, and parity, and serve to help individuals to help themselves. When visiting "Doll's house," you could always be assured of a friendly smile, a warm meal, and a good night's sleep, if desired. Doll was a world traveler, and she always believed in "going where the people are" and giving to those in need. Her philosophy transcended race, ethnicity, origin, gender, and socio-economic status. All are welcome.

Guiding Principles (Rules of the House) are the roots of the legacy:

  • Education

  • Wellness and Spirituality

  • Wealth


Doll’s House Foundation is a legacy inspired by Josephine “Doll” Johnson who adopted the simple principle of helping those in need. Doll came from a family lineage committed to the charity of giving. Doll, a matriarch of her household, was the second in her family traditionally nicknamed “Doll.” Many of her family members were successful leaders and helped drive the educational, economic, emotional, and mental progress of individuals who experienced temporary life barriers.

Doll and other members of this legacy were never fond of the regiments of organizational structure. She believed that your “good deeds” would “unveil the ingredients” of your character. She would offer support to various public service organizations and never required accolades. Doll was raised in Alabama where she was groomed in the tradition of good cooking, good fellowship, and refined southern hospitality. More importantly, she was raised during a period of segregation, and life success was built on unbridled determination. Advocating for the elderly, educational uplift, delivering meals on wheels, and being well versed in affairs related to health care, were just a few of her attributes. Doll was also well known for her generosity as she always opened her home as a safe place for traveling visitors and community members to rest. It is from this attribute that the name “Doll’s House” is derived.


Doll’s House is aware of the challenges faced by individuals and seeks to encourage the ideals of perseverance, empowerment, and parity as guiding principles for charitable giving. Doll’s House Foundation provides annual grants and hopes to eventually enhance the community fabric by continuing to address the underlying barriers for financial access. The Foundation awards grants to various community organizations and individuals who have articulated a financial need. Grants are also awarded to recipients who are selected by the grant review board.

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